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I retired after twenty years as a horseback hunting and fishing guide in Montana. This job gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to enjoy some of nature’s most scenic areas in and around Yellowstone National Park.

During off season from guiding I drove tractor trailer which gave me the opportunity to discover more of the country.

 On June 11, 2017 I made another great change in my life and married my lovely wife Kat. Kat and I had worked together  twenty something years ago. We stayed in touch throughout the years and shared the same thoughts, ideas and philosophies and realized we wanted to spend our lives together.


Kat and I are not fulltime RVers, but we enjoy traveling whenever we can. Our personal preference is discovering state parks because so many have space between the campsites. Luckily, we have also found some private campgrounds that have wooded sites with ample space between them. We have also spent nights in some very beautiful rest areas. 

We tend to avoid the campgrounds that are RV PARKS or RV RESORTS. This type of campground is more likely to offer every modern feature such as game rooms, movie showings and fully paved campsites that have a few feet or so between them. Out of necessity I have spent a couple of nights in campgrounds where I literally could reach out and touch the trailer next to me. Kat and I have decided that we would rather spend the night in a Flying J, which we have done on more than one occasion, then that type of campground.


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How We Got Started



I grew up in a family that camped, fished and enjoyed the outdoors. When I was a child my father, in addition to working full-time, had a small side business of renting tent trailers. He started the business by building the first three trailers he rented. Since this was a summer time business we took our family vacations in December. My parents would take the kids out of school for an extra week at Christmas vacation time and we would travel to Florida, camping in the trailer my father built. This was long before I-95 was built and traveling Route 301 in those days is what gave me the love of being on the road.

Since that time, I have traveled in every state in the union except Hawaii. 

My brother and I have hiked the Appalachian Trail, winter camped in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, canoed lakes in upper New York State and backpacked many other locations in New England and the eastern US.

In 2016 I purchased a small older travel trailer while living in Montana. My wife, who had never traveled with a travel trailer was willing to try that type of travel. 

Our first trip was from Montana, through the southeast states and then to New England. She absolutely loved the trip. We sold that trailer and purchased a 24 foot 2018 model with all the comforts – AC, microwave, shower, queen bed, etc. 

This will also be a new experience for us and the cats - our next trip will be the first time the cats have traveled with us !


****** CAT UPDATE ******

After having taken Bradley and Nadia on several trips they have grown fully accustomed to traveling with us. They each have selected “their space” where they like to lay when we travel. Once we’re setup in camp they love sitting on the ledges next to the windows and enjoy the views and scenery. 


Kat's Background



Ever since I was conscious of my surroundings, my life growing up consisted of being outdoors whenever we could. 

Summers included camping for at least 2 weeks at the beach, with short trips arranged in between. 

During the year, we would take several day trips through several states to the mountains or local areas of interest, often enjoying a picnic in the woods. 

Every chance I had was spent outside, often pushing the limits with my parents by staying out past the time my parents wanted me inside for homework. Weather or time of day was no obstacle to the desire to take deep breaths of clean fresh air, or admire the stunning beauty in nature. 

While I have traveled abroad and had some great experiences, my husband Mac and I decided there was so much to experience in our own ‘backyard’ – the U.S.A. 

A couple of years ago he came across a used travel trailer in good condition for sale. We decided to give it a shot, choosing to travel from out west to the east coast. 

What a truly exhilarating experience !

Imagine opening the shade in the morning and seeing the sun beginning to peek over distant mountains….a lake dotted with a couple of geese, the water gently lapping the shore……a breeze ruffling wildflowers and the leaves of trees ….more than I can count. Birds, wildlife scampering about, so close you could almost touch them. 

That is just a hint of what awaits you. Changing my scenery for a bit was all it took. 

Then again, being on the open road has its own pleasures. 

History beckons you….scenic stops that leave you in awe….attractions that excite and humble…new foods to try, people to meet….trails to explore. 

I have been blessed with a loving husband, Mac that enjoys many of the things I do. While we love the comfort of a home, we eagerly look forward to many adventures awaiting us. That would be my wish for everyone. Whether you are alone for whatever reason, or with someone, there is so much out there waiting for you.

We hope by sharing our adventures it will inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors !

 Just open the door. Have fun. 

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